Pykhov, Pavel Arkadyevich
Academic degree: Cand.Econ.Sci.
Academic rank:
Country: Russia
City: Ekaterinburg
Workplace: Institute of Economic - Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
Position: Senior research fellow




Infrastructure Security of the Ural Regions: Assessment Technique and Diagnostic Results
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This article examines the infrastructure as one of the important elements of the economic system. Authors have considered the stages of formation of this concept in the scientific world, the ideas of a number of scientists on a role and place of infrastructure in the economic system are given. Short genesis of approaches to the description of infrastructure and to assignment of its functions to certain branches is created. The paper emphasized the importance of strengthening the infrastructural support to the transition of the economy to the machine mode of production. Two main methodological approaches describing the nature and content of infrastructure are allocated: branch-wise and functional. The author's technique of the assessment of infrastructure security of territories at the regional level is offered. A basis of this technique is the allocation of the set of special indicators which values allow to see the level of development of separate elements of infrastructure. Indicative analysis, which is the basis of the methods, allows to judge any phenomenon by comparing the current observed values with the previously accepted threshold levels. This comparison allows one to classify the observations on the scale of "norm-pre-crisis-crisis". The essential advantage of this method is the normalization of indicators, i.e. their reduction to one comparable conditional size. It allows to receive the assessment on certain blocks of indicators and a complex assessment on all set in general. Authors have allocated four basic elements of infrastructure, such as transport, communications and telecommunications, utilities and health care availability. In total, the technique includes 21 indicators. The results of approbatory calculations with the author's method have revealed shortcomings in the infrastructure development of the Ural region. The article is a brief analysis of the data with the accents on the individual indicators and areas.

Diagnostics of natural resource capital of the territory
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The purpose of the article is to develop the methodical apparatus of national wealth's assessment specifically the assessment of natural resources. In national wealth, there is a part that can be defined as a natural resource capital. In the paper methodical approach to its assessment for the territory if regional level is allocated. The general scheme of technique is introduced; examples of indicative indicators are given. At the heart of the offered technique, the principle of the indicative analysis is laid seven degrees of security with the natural resource capital are allocated for more exact classification. In the article, the basic elements of natural resource capital forming territories' condition are allocated dynamics of their change during 2000-2012 is given. The analytical part of the paper is based on the author's estimated data. The situation description of federal districts and some Russian Federation territorial subjects in the framework of natural resource capital security are provided; numerical values of the main indicative indicators are presented.

Program-technical complex of diagnosis of a region's energy security
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This paper describes a software package for calculation the condition of the territories of Russia on energy security, developed by the authors. The basis of the software is built on the methods of calculation of energy security, developed by a team of the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg. The paper presents the features of the basic principles of construction and operation of the program, its main parts are highlighted, the obtained results and the options presented to the user are shown. On the basis of calculation data, the analysis of the state of the energy security of all territories of Russia was produced. The impact of threats to energy security in the territory of the state was evaluated, the dynamics of changes was revealed, bottlenecks in the functioning of the fuel and energy complex of Russia were identified. The usage of the obtained results will allow governments to pursue a more balanced policy in improving the energy sector in a region.

Estimation of modern and perspective condition ural from positions of power safety
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The basic results of diagnosing of territories of Ural on power safety are stated, "narrow" places are noted. The look-ahead scenario of development of power of territories of Ural by two variants of development is offered and their estimation from positions of power safety is given. The basic directions of development of a fuel and energy complex of region in the intermediate term period are generated. Task in view of an estimation of power investment appeal of region, results of calculations of comparative power investment appeal 17 subjects of the Russian Federation are resulted.

Research of branch and regional problems of forming of power safety
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Substantive provisions of the developed modified variant of a complex method of diagnosing and forecasting of development of a situation on power safety of the territories of a regional level are stated. The methodical approach allows to investigate influence of regional and branch factors on formation of a safety situation. Results of calculations of diagnostics and analysis of development of the situation on power safety for 79 subjects and seven federal districts of the Russian Federation for last seven years are discussed. Results of forecasting of development of situation on one of important parameters of power safety of the Ural federal district and it's regions are shown.

Comparative estimation of power-investing attractiveness of regions: method and its implementation
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Some results of authors are discussed, namely: methodical approach to estimation of power-investing attractiveness of regions; method of its calculation for a task of attractiveness of coal delivery to the 17th regions of Russian Federation situated in the Urals, Western Siberia and Volga zone. The approach applies diagnostics of economic and power safety by using of indicative analysis.

The analysis of influence of the gas complex on power safety of region: development of the technique and results of the estimation
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The new developed methodical approach to an estimation of contributions of a gas complex in power safety of territories of a regional level is stated. The approach is based on allocation of specific parameters of influence of gas branch on formation of indicators of the power safety structured on objects of its monitoring. Are entered the concept of the potential contribution of branch counted on corresponding parameters of power safety, and the contribution to creation of a crisis situation, and also direct and indirect contributions and ways and formulas of their estimation are developed. Calculations by definition of contributions of a gas complex in power safety of subjects of the Russian Federations entering into the Ural federal district are executed, and their results are resulted.

The condition and the dynamics of changes of regional energetic safety level
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On the basis of indicative analysis method use, the dynamic processes of changes of energetic safety condition of federal districts and subjects of Russian Federation for last 5 years are investigated. The results of diagnosing safety levels for separate indicators, their blocks and the results of situation evaluation as a whole are discussed. The comparison of regions’ energetic safety condition is given, the causes of crisis situations appearance are discovered, and on this basis the suggestions for regions’ safety levels increasing are formulated.

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